Vision: each family owns Globalsaunas;

  Faith:to serve the public, love of life, committed to the cause of human health;

  Mission:let ordinary people afford to buy health products enjoyed by the wealthy family;

  Purpose: to market-oriented services for the purpose of socialresponsibility, continuous innovation. continue to strengthen the teambuilding,brand awareness and establish a good corporate image;

  Management philosophy: Scientific,market-oriented,systematic;

  Team spirit:concentric in order to go further,The common idea can be closertogether;

  Business philosophy: respect for life, maintaining a healthy,scientific andtechnological innovation, and contributing to society;

  Quality philosophy: good product.excellent people;

  Brand idea::to talent as a fundamental. market-oriented,technology-driven,to innovation as the pursuit. to win market quality, service and win-win;

  Talent concept:have both ability and political integrity;

  Philosophy:do it right the first time,every time to do things right;

  Service concept:to all customers, in order to all customers,in order to all customers;


Jiangsu Kangnuo Far-IR Equipment Co., Ltd. has three major production bases, enterprises passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification; products through the South Korea KC, Japan PSE, the European Union CE, North American ETL and other international safety certification. Company products are exported to more than 50 overseas countries and regions, especially by Europe and the United States and the Middle East customers of all ages.


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